GRINDER GR154-30CC - Disposable Vape Online




This professional grade herb & tobacco grinder is made of 3 parts and its size is 30mm. Well Machined, Perfect in Weight. The Sharp Teeth Ensure you a Smooth Twist & Efficient Grinding. The Strong Magnet Holds the Lid Firmly in Place, Not Easily Fall Apart, Helps to Reduce Spilling when Crushing. First part is see through with lightning wheel style. Enjoy Ultimate Grinding Experience and Effortless Shredding.

Grinder GR154-30CC Features:

  • 3 Part Grinder
  • Circle Design
  • 30mm (DP) 1.5"
  • Material: Diamond Teeth Alloy Grinder with Crystal Top
  • Smooth Grinding
  • Sharp Cutting Teeth
  • Easy to Clean
  • Reduce Spilling
  • Magnetic Top Enclosure
  • Steel micro mesh screen to filter pollen
  • Separate pollen chamber
  • 12 Piece Per Display



    Grinder GR154-30CC Colors:

    • Assorted Colors - Black & Circle Design