CE4 900MAH BLISTER KIT - Disposable Vape Online




Probably our most versatile kit, the 900mAh eGo-T battery with CE4 clearomiser combination sits discreetly in your hand with enough capacity to last until the next day for most vapers. Great for those who want to be sure it won't run out whilst you're out. To vape just press the button and hold in whilst inhaling from the mouthpiece, release to stop. This battery includes a 10 second safety cut out and 5 click child lock feature. The introduction of the CE4 clearomiser with its sleek cone shaped design revolutionised the e-cig market and it's still the most popular atomiser today. 

Ce4 900mah Blister Kit Features:

  • 1.6ml e-juice capacity
  • No leakage and no burning taste
  • Easy to refill juice and thick durable tank style

Ce4 900mah Blister Kit Include

  • Battery capacity: 900mAh
  • Typical diamond ego battery button
  • Five clicks battery protect system: automatic short-circuit protection
  • 510/eGo thread compatible with CE4, CE5, MT3, Vivi Nova atomizer
  • USB rechargeable e-cigarette battery